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Time For Business

Jemaine Clement Daily

You know what time it is... it's Time For Business
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Pictures of Jemaine Clement Daily

Welcome to Time For Business! A Jemaine Clement Daily community, where you can get down to business every day with Jemaine.

1. Every post must contain a picture of Jemaine. I'm not the only one who can post, but I will be posting every day. Feel free to share your own pics!
2. If your image is particularly large, please but it behind an lj cut.
3. Don't hotlink from other websites.
4. Here at timeforbusiness we like to stray away from discussing Jemaine's personal life, so please let us help him have his privacy. Thanks.
5. Other Jemaine content is welcome, like videos, picspams, Jemaine trivia or whatever. Just make sure there's a picture in your post!

All images used within this community and gallery remain the property of their respective owners and no copyright infringement is intended.

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